the limitless free trainer


A game changer


   With so many new fitness concepts and types of facilities in which to train, one typical constraint for the facility owner has always been space and therein maximizing the return per square foot of space.

   When it comes to training there are so many new methods that have come to the forefront, and being able to combine strength with functional training is a way to get a great workout and excellent results. Being able to achieve this with a compact machine that allows for a total body workout comprised of strength and functional training would be the winning combination, though until now that has been an unattainable goal.

   This is where the Limitless Free Trainer (LFT) is one of a kind. Deriving its name for both its unique look and capability to perform over 100 exercises, including traditional bodybuilding and functional movements. From the simplest traditional exercises, to some of the hardest and most explosive functional and athletic movements, this machine truly can do it all. You can literally do all your classic exercises on one machine and even improve upon these making them feel better, and in seconds shift into movement based activities with varying loads if you want force development or power. 

   This machine can help to add stability, resistance, power and progression to an already extensive list of rehab/conditioning exercise programs, and even take them to the next level. It’s no doubt every trainers dream to think of ways to make rehab and conditioning either more functional or movement specific to the respective clients sport or activity without compromising both body position and form. All easily doable and attainable with this machine.

   The LFT’s main feature are its two loading arms which are utilized for the majority of its exercises. These arms are machined in stainless steel, are extremely durable and able to withstand massive amounts of weight and pressure. These are mounted to the frame with a heavy duty multi-rotational bearing system that allows a fluidity of movement which can replicate that of a barbell or dumbbell depending on the exercise. The loading arms rest on a 3 tiered impact structure, each of these tiers are easily & safely locked into position at various heights depending on the desired exercise.

   As a user, picking up the machines arms for the first time it is immediately noticeable that the handles ergonomic movement helps to alleviate any stress during exercise. You therefore get the same quality feel as free-weights which allow total freedom of movement, yet you also get the refined quality and feel of selectorized machines which are all typically geared at only one movement.

   Every exercise can be performed with or without additional weight plates, not unlike exercises with an Olympic bar or smith machine, where the bar already has sufficient weight to provide a reasonable starting weight. To increase the already dynamic versatility further, the LFT has been designed to incorporate battle ropes, resistance bands, stability balls and suspension training rigs.

   A key to any machine is reliability and longevity, and here yet again the LFT shines. The engineering was specifically designed to ensure that the machine withstand the most rigorous use of even the most hardcore facilities. It’s manufactured using the highest grade steel, components and hardware available, and has been tested under the most strenuous conditions with the primary aim of quality and reliability. 

   Despite the expansive list of exercises, the LFT has a compact footprint utilizing very little floor space which is   beneficial for most gym owners, studio owners and home gym users alike. Most multi-function machines capable of performing only a fraction of the exercises will typically take up significantly more space and at a far heftier cost.

   At face value to a deconditioned user the machine may not be entirely intuitive for dozen or more exercises, but with some coaching and guidance this machine easily becomes a user favorite, and a machine that can be used independently without guidance for an amazing total body workout. To anyone that is well versed, not only is it intuitive and simple to use, but discovering more and more possibilities, exercises, and movements can become an obsessive challenge and tremendously rewarding. As you load on more weight or increase the pace and difficulty level that joy can quickly turn into sweat and better yet serious results.

   Pairing up multiple units could also facilitate some incredible group class opportunities that would be completely unique and satisfying to the participants, and with so many exercises at the instructors disposal, no two workouts should ever be the same which adds the magical addiction factor, and what better addiction that that of your favorite workout!

    When you purchase a Free Trainer you’re buying a machine that can do so much, require so little space and minimal capital outlay. The satisfaction from your clients and trainers will be the real investment and will pay dividends over the many years of reliable and satisfying usage. 


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